Historic Gloucester Harbor Part 2

Presented by Beth Welin
Runtime: 1 hour 5 minutes 29 seconds Recorded: September 19th, 2017

The Olmsted Brothers, North Shore Estates, and their Gardens 1890-1940

Presented by Linda Brockway
Runtime: 45 minutes 38 seconds Recorded: June 7th, 2017

Kragsyde : The House at Lobster Cove

Presented by Jane Goodrich
Runtime: 57 minutes 12 seconds Recorded: May 9th, 2017

Thomas Jefferson Coolidge: A Man Ahead of His Time

Presented by Bill Cross
Runtime: 48 minutes 47 seconds Recorded: March 28th, 2017

Sea Bathing and Bath Houses

Presented by Beth Welin
Runtime: 41 minutes 38 seconds Recorded: September 20th, 2016

The Nature of Manchester: A Walk on the Wild Side

Presented by Chris Leahy
Runtime: 58 minutes 26 seconds Recorded: June 1st, 2016

The Not so Miserable Misery Islands

Presented by Leslie Beatty
Runtime: 46 minutes 42 seconds Recorded: May 12th, 2016

Every Room’s a Gallery: Exploring Our Collection of Fine Art

Presented by John Huss and Tom Halstead
Runtime: 57 minutes 12 seconds Recorded: March 15th, 2016

Gloucester’s Historic Waterfront

Presented by Beth Welin
Runtime: 1 hour 2 minutes 46 seconds Recorded: February 9th, 2016

105 Years of Visiting Nurse Service in Manchester

Presented by the Manchester Womens Club
Runtime: 1 hour 58 seconds Recorded: November 5th, 2015