House History and House Marker Program

In celebration of Manchester’s 375th anniversary in 2020, the Manchester Historical Museum (MHM) initiated the House History and Marker Program. The program has two goals: to encourage homeowners to note and appreciate the historical and architectural significance of their properties; and to learn about the people who lived in them and helped to build our community. Everyone can then enjoy the diversity of stories that our architecture can tell us about our shared history.

House History Report
When you participate in the program, you will receive a history that will include:

  • important events in Manchester over the years;
  • the unique history of your house and its occupants, footnoting all sources;
  • copies of primary sources such as wills, house inventories, newspaper clippings, photographs, diary entries, valuation records, deeds, and more;
  • a certificate suitable for framing

The MHM is working with a professional public history researcher, Robert Booth. He will do a brief architectural inspection of your home (and receive any information you choose to provide), do the research (it takes 2-3 months), and deliver the report to you personally and discuss some of the more intriguing findings.

The total cost for the research and report is $375 in recognition of the town’s 375th anniversary.

House Markers
MHM will arrange for the production of a house marker after the history is written. It will include the MHM logo, the date the house was built, and perhaps two other pieces of information such as:

  • The original homeowner’s name (husband and/or wife), or perhaps a significant former homeowner
  • Occupation of the former homeowner
  • Builder
  • Architect
  • Date the home was updated (if significantly altered)

The House Marker is an additional cost of $75.

If you would like to sign up for a house history and marker, please send in the completed signup form with your deposit check to –

Manchester Historical Museum
10 Union St.
Manchester, MA 01930

Click here to print sign up form – 2021 House History Client Sign Up Form

For more info – contact Susan Parker (978-704-9798) or John Round (978-902-3913)